Imacula was founded back in the summer 2006, by James Dean. The concept was PR and marketing, but why?

James first involved himself in the IT industry in 2001 while studying for a Computer Science Degree at Birmingham University by becoming a part time freelancer for the UK’s biggest selling computer monthly, Computer Shopper Magazine.

Driven purely by a passion for all things tech, James took a year out from University to work full time at the magazine before returning to Birmingham for his 3rd and final year. After a short time working for a web design agency, James entered the world of online retail working as PR and eventually Marketing Manager for Watford’s own brand of PCs and Laptops.

After a year and a half, James felt his experience was enough to startup Imacula Ltd PR & Marketing consultancy. Imacula is now 3 people strong and thoroughly enjoying what each day our clients bring. We’re delighted and very honoured to be working with some of the best companies within the IT industry.

Imacula is based in one of the UK’s capitals in creative design, Leicester, just an hour away from London, Oxford, Birmingham and Cambridge.

The team

  • James: Behind the conception of Imacula. Previously wrote for Computer Shopper Magazine and PC Product Manager at Watford Electronics.
  • Chris: Master of all administration, contacting press on a regular basis and putting together reports. Chris is responsible for showing you just what a good job we’re doing!
  • Will: Responsible for community feedback and gathering exposure. Will backs up all the hard work we do in PR by ensuring the right feedback is tagged to reviews and exposure.